Bountiful Wastefree Harvest: Managing shopping at the store

On Monday, December 31st, 2018, I went shopping! (“Get in loser, we’re going shopping ” – Regina George/Mean Girls). However, this was a particular Monday I had been preparing for, for some time. I was purchasing containers, mesh bags, mason jars, figuring out what foods can be composted, learning wastefree recipes, trying out composting, checking out stores status’s when I asked, “Can I put my salami in this container?”, etc etc etc!!! Being waste free is trial and error my wannabe wastefreers.

DISCLAIMER: I have a tendency to be very proud of myself for the DUMBEST things! I.E. Locking all the doors before work. I.E. Everytime I drive myself to the airport, park, & get myself on the plane. I.E. Putting my produce in mesh bags!

Oh Mesh Bags, how you make me smile. See! See how beautifully my mesh bags are holding the carrots & celery – creating no waste at all! AMAZING! I’ve noticed people eyeballing me as I put my loose brussel sprouts in my mesh bag & probably wondering, “How can I be like that?” I was once at an Indian market, scouting out garlic & cucumbers, holding my mesh bag, when another lady asked me where I got it. I immediately smiled, ready to spill, & she said, “Wait, never mind, I found them,” and grabbed a plastic bag from the hidden roll. I was crushed.

Here is another thing that makes me proud; mason jars…filled from BULK BINS! Dry ingredients of all kinds – rice, almonds, nutritional yeast, raisins, popcorn, chia seeds, etc! As long as it’s in a bulk bin, I’m probably buying it! I am still figuring out a system for labeling, since stickers fall off & sharpie looks “poor.” ha! Some stores have no idea how to compute the cost (which I will get into another day) while others call over somebody with a wise code & all is well in the world.

I suppose this post is to inspire you to obtain some kind of containers, so you too can also be proud of yourself for the smallest of things, such as saving a plastic bag from holding your lettuce. I can get into bringing the mason jars & plastic containers to the store & how to use them in another post.

Meet Me: Mary Kate/Wastefree Wannabee/Wanderer at Heart

Above is ME – Mary Kate – out on some trail, failing at the “selfie” photo, ha, trying to have it all. My favorites in life are my two GSDs, one cat, one husband, new trails, sights to see, & seeing how much waste I can keep out of my garbage!

My first love was recycling where I thought I could recycle everything, everything would of course BE RECYCLED because I put it in the recycle bin, & I was being awesome for getting my family to start recycling everything with me. I have since learned otherwise (palm to face).

I am not perfect, I even have a tattoo that says, “Perfectly Imperfect” (no you cant see it, maybe later), but I have made my mistakes along the way due to my knowledge at the time & want to, need to, have to keep learning, evolving, challenging, & most importantly – DOING more. Recycling may be your first step – it was mine – but the more you learn about recycling – the more you want to reduce your waste all together.

So, if you’re still interested & want to learn along with me, follow along for waste free posts, waste free recipes, my failures, successes, tips I feel are helpful, cute dog pictures, & more! Thank you!

Elle Woods (left) & Cher (right) – the GSD pups who will also be blogging along with me. They help me stay tied to nature through our hikes, swims, & never ending search for new trails. They sure to love the left behind garbage treats some people leave behind on trails/parking lots – another reason